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Right from the high seas to high spirits, Thailand personifies the term ‘high on life’. We are not a typical travel agency: we fulfill your thirst for exploration in our own, fun ways. We are a team of travelers, locals, and expats that takes you to magical, exotic destinations in Thailand. Prepare yourself, as you indulge in a variety of ethical, hands-on activities, while you enjoy a sustainable vacation experience trusted by many and experience the trip of a lifetime!

In Destination Specialist

We live, work, love and laugh in Thailand… We are your destination specialists!

Value for Money

Best prices with discounts when you book several activities, and easy to cancel if needed.

Fast Booking

Direct Instant Booking: Less time spent booking means more time to enjoy…

Ethical Activities

We only select Ethical Activities that you can enjoy. This means no elephant ride, no monkeys park, dolphin show or tiger temple!

Best Selection

Most experience-worthy, activities & attractions for our clients: ain’t worth the trip, ain’t worth your time. We take great care of sourcing the best.

Support Team

Our Support Team is here for you. We spent enough time abroad to know the need of good info & support. Just ask us.

Trip Finder

Have fun out there. Stay high on life!


Ethical activities (Elephants)

“I wanted to see an elephants sanctuary in Phuket, but only an ethical one! I saw on this website that urtrip-thailand was only working with ethical activities, so I decided to ask them for recommendation, and book with them. It was a once in a lifetime experience with these amazing animals. Thank you for the help!”

Julie, 28, France

In-Destination Booking = No Planning

“On the beach in Phuket I saw urtrip-thailand’s ads for ATV tours on my Iphone. I am glad I booked and definitely recomend them. Me and my brothers went on a 3hrs ATV trip & whitewater rafting. We had an amazing time. I will book again on my next trip in Thailand :)”

Marcel, 24, Germany

Discount Multiple Bookings

“We booked 3 activities with urtrip-thailand during our week in Chiang Mai. A zipline adventure + Thai cooking class + Half day with elephants. The activities and organization were perfect, and we got a discount for booking several activities. Strongly recommend urtrip-thailand.”

Sarah & Rik, Ireland

Family Activities, Hassle Free

“My 2 kids really wanted to go Ziplining on our last weekend in Phuket. I went to the tour desk in our hotel but when I checked online I found urtrip-thailand’s prices where way cheaper. I think hotel and street agencies really try to rip off tourists.”

Williams, England

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