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Urtrip-Thailand was created by a team of expats, locals and travelers. Out-of the frequent requests, from visiting family & friends, asking for advices about things to do during their holidays in Thailand.

“Our quality and ethical selection of enjoyable experiences, eco-travel, and adventures will save you precious time on holiday by saving you from doing endless research.

It is and has always been our mission to bring quality and responsible tourism, up to our concrete engagement.

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5 quality criteria

We have got an intense passion for Thailand. And, a deeper understanding of the locals to help to indulge you in a real adventure here.
Together with our cutting edge technology, our team will scan and assess Tour Operators & Activities in Thailand by checking their e-reputation, tours, and activities details.

This will bring you our best activities following 5 main criteria: Experience Worthy, Money’ Worthy, Organization Quality, Nature-Friendly, Sustainable tourism.

A question or special request? We committed to replying to you within the day at office hours. We spent enough time abroad to know the need of good info & support. Just ask us.

- Experience worthy -

Our goal is to avoid the following:
X Tourist Traps or Force Shopping.
X Rushing-Tours: Too many stops.
X Cheap & Low-Quality Tours: As quality involved costs, we know that cheap prices result in low quality of services, meals, and transport.
X Non-Transparent Tours: Hidden fee, and lack of information in a foreign country
We don’t call the points above a HOLIDAY! It is a NIGHTMARE!

- Organization Quality -

✓ Our mission is to go through each customer review and provide everyone with the best experience.
✓ Our team revise customer reviews and give feedback directly to the local tour operator.
X We have committed ourselves to remove the apples and oranges of our tour/activity from the offer.
In the end, it is all about satisfying customers needs.

- Money Worthy -

✓ To make sure that we provide you with the quality of services, we have analyzed and planned each activity.
Our perfect planning makes every activity worth every penny!

- Nature-Friendly -

✓ We are as committed to our social, ethical, charitable, and environmental goals. We try to move our impacts from negative to neutral or (better still) positive.
X And we banish tours/activities that we consider unethical.
This means no elephant ride, no monkeys park, no crocodile, snake or dolphin show!

- Sustainable tourism -

✓ Urtrip-Thailand was born out of the concept of live, laugh and love. Our love for sustainable tourism made sure that the tours that we propose have a significant positive impact on environment conservation, heritage culture, or local economy.
By joining us, you will have a chance to create a positive impact on environment conservation heritage culture,…along with many locals recognized associations.


Activities and tours keep evolving with time whether it is because of ownership or change in management.

We want to improve the quality of services that we provide and you can help us
to do that by reviewing the tours on our website.

Your review will help other travellers!