Biking in Bangkok – From the heart of the city to its green lungs

While visiting Thailand, and particularly Bangkok, many options will present themselves to you as to how to explore the bustling metropolis. Biking is one of them and definitely an experience worth having, as it also the most efficient and cheapest way to get yourself around the vibrant capital. Indulge and explore Bangkok at your own pace, and enjoy a unique experience!

Bike tours are highly popular in Thailand and specifically in Bangkok, the busting capital of the country. It is indeed a unique and very typically local way to get your way around the city, as it is the most popular mode of transportation amongst locals themselves. Exploring this incredible southeast asian city by bike will surely prove itself to be a deeply authentic and genuine experience for any traveller. Many spots must-see spots await along the way, and many operators are willing to offer their services to you, so make sure to pick one that will suit you best.  Depending on your biking skills and ability, as well as the time that you wish to invest in exploring the city. Whether you are looking for a casual and simple recreational stroll, or a more in depth experience, notably at one of the most famous spots of the city, Bang Krachao, aka the Green Lungs of Bangkok. You can find various trips options on our website.

The Grand Palace

Begin your journey with a key location at the Grand Palace of Bangkok, amongst the paths of the Bangkok Noi, which is a large canal off the Chao Phraya River. The beautiful waterfront is populated with many fishing boats, and beautiful Buddhist Temples, not far from the Muslims neighbourhoods of the capital. This whole area is generally speaking less visited than the rest of the city by westerners but is definitely worth the detour for its authentic and undeniably charming ambiance. Fun fact, it is also a historical site as this used to be the first port of entrance for travellers who wished to enter the city of Bangkok. Finally, the Grand Palace definitely stands as a must see landmark. Sitting in the heart of the metropolis, it has been the official place of residence of the King of Thailand since the 18th century and is now open to the public.

Wat Suthat

For a more spiritual location, make sure to stop at the Wat Suthat, easily accessible from the palace through the alleyways to the Giant Swing.  This incredible place is Bangkok’s oldest temple and certainly the most impressive one; through various details, it also honours and celebrates the Hindus roots of the Kingdom. Wat Suthat is a must see throughout your biking journey if you seek to immerse yourself in a truly spiritual and cultural experience. Please bear in mind that this is a religious site, which are traditionally revered by the local Thaï people and is to be respected as such by visitors. A modest outfit and attitude are preferable.


Next on your journey, immerse yourself in one of the most iconic cultural neighbourhoods of Bangkok:  Chinatown. Explore the bustling streets and market places spreading out for blocks, find hidden gems in the concealed temples, shrines and pathways; or indulge in the beauty of the textile and silk markets of the Chinese neighbourhood. At nightfall, indulge in some of the best street food in town as the place turn into an incredible outdoor eatery.  

Speaking of food, travellers that are also dedicated foodies can pair their biking journey through the streets of Bangkok with a culinary one. Indeed, Bangkok is a definitive foodie’s dream, and offers a vast range of restaurants for all budgets, serving foods and delicacies from all over the world. Whether you are looking for a local street food eatery or a more refined dining experience, Bangkok will surely provide you with the tastiest of experiences.

Thonburi District

For those seeking an experience off the beaten path, the Thonburi district, sitting on the West Bank of the Chao Phraya River, is an ideal spot. Often overlooked and filled with beauty, the Thonburi District is also home to a floating market, the Klong Lad Mayom market. Indulge in the beauty of the concealed gems of this beautiful neighbourhood, such as the Santa Cruz Church, home to a Portuguese community, or Wat Prayoon, a charming and serene temple with a turtle pond. And last but not least, pay a visit to the jewel of the neighbourhood, the iconic temple of the dawn, Wat Arun.

Bangkok Jungle Bike Tours

For those seeking a greener and more serene scenery, escape the chaos of the bustling metropolis and find peace and tranquility at its very doorstep.

Bang Krachao

Escape to Bang Krachao for a day or two. Known as Bangkok’s green lung, this gorgeous location is a biking haven with its elevated paths as well as its maze of dirt ground roads that are surely made for the most adventurous spirits. There, you’ll also be able to soak in the local and authentic ambiance of the Talad Bang Nampung Market, a local floating market; or indulge in the nature of the luxurious nature of the Bang Krachao Park, in search of the mysterious giant monitor lizard.

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